Caroline Dinenage MP and CAFH on the MP's web site. December 2010

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17th December 2010 – CAROLINE NAMED AS BRIAN MAY’S HERO OF 2010

Caroline Dinenage with Brian May

Caroline Dinenage was honoured to be named as one of Brian May’s heroes of 2010. The legendary Queen guitarist praised Caroline’s commitment to animal welfare above party politics in an article in the Guardian today.

As a member of Conservatives Against Fox Hunting, Caroline has campaigned tirelessly to ensure that the Hunting Ban is not repealed. She recently chaired the meeting  on behalf of the League Against Cruel Sports and Conservatives Against Fox Hunting.

 One of the key Speakers was Robbie Marsland, the UK Director of IFAW -The International Fund For Animal Welfare. IFAW campaigns against whaling, seal hunts and tiger, rhino and elephant hunting and poaching amongst other conservation issues.

 Douglas Batchelor, the Chief Executive Of The League Against Cruel Sports was another key Speaker, along with the Co Founder of Conservatives Against Fox Hunting, Chris Platt , who is the Conservative Association Chairman of Esher & Walton Conservatives.

Brian May stated that her actions, along with the rest of the Conservatives Against Fox Hunting, showed that “These brave MPs are standing by their moral conviction that hunting with dogs is cruel and inexcusable, and must never again be legal in this country”

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