Quick links to Conservatives Against Fox Hunting's first two years of campaigning.

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Our Co Founder wins Campaigner 2012 Award, presented by Baroness Gale in the House of  Lords. 23rd October 2012    http://tinyurl.com/cgfcajp


We are members of The Partnership For Action Against Wildlife Crime UK- PAW October 2012  http://tinyurl.com/cpoyp5h  

The badger cull debate- 147 votes against to 28 for! October 25th 2012  http://tinyurl.com/c6h5omn


David Amess MP, Mike Weatherley MP and Brian May feature Blue Badger on their websites. October 2012   http://tinyurl.com/cra792a

We help facilitate the badger cull debate working as a member of Team Badger  16th October 2012  http://tinyurl.com/crh6yom

David Cameron and Blue Badger Founder meet at the party conference . 9th October 2012 http://tinyurl.com/caeo8lk

Blue Badger is  a member of Team Badger  September 2012  http://tinyurl.com/brt9sen

We launch our new Blue Badger website, with quotes from anti cull Conservative MPs for the new site- September 2012   http://tinyurl.com/c8bylny


We sign our name to letter against the badger cull with celebrities in the Guardian. August 2012    http://tinyurl.com/d74q3bd


We celebrate cool sports not cruel sports for the Olympic week on Conservativehome website with our message against cruel sports.  http://tinyurl.com/cdwsq46

We   are part of the coalition with the RSPCA, League Against Cruel Sports and other animal welfare charities against the imminent badger cull   Badger Cull Coalition 


Our Parliamentary reception is featured in the Sunday Express, June 2012  Sunday Express


Our Parliamentary reception for hare protection  in the House of Commons with HSI and hosted by 3 MPS and attended by 13 MPs and Bill Oddie,  19th June 2012  Parlimentary Reception

Amazon and manufacturer remove hare coursing cufflinks and accessories after our letter Amazon


Martin Bell writes a verse on fox hunting with us in mind!  Verse

Conservative Womens Hub website  features  our article: Hub

We feature in Resurgence magazine March 2012: Resurgence Article

Brian May writes about us in Exeter University’s Witness magazine on the Environment ,March 2012: Exeter University Article

Brian May writes about us in the Big Issue: Big Issue Article

We appear on BBC and ITV news with Springwatch presenter Bill Oddie. February 2012

The University of Oxford’s Bodleian Library requests to archive our website with the  Conservative party archive  as it is deemed worthy by their curators to be preserved for future historians and researchers

We give a presentation  for a close season for hares  at the APGAW meeting with MPs and animal welfare organisations in the House Of Commons .February 2012

We are in the Guardian for our article on Margaret Thatcher who was against hare coursing. February 2012. Guardian Article.

We introduce the CEO of the League Against Cruel Sports to Ian Knox, the Head  Of the  Metropolitan Police’s Wildlife Crime Unit in London February  2012: Article

We are featured on the Associate Parliamentary Group For Animal Welfare’s website for our camapaign for a close season for hares

Our Founder speaks out against badger baiting, hare coursing and hunting with dogs live with Matthew Wright on channel 5’s’The Wright Stuff’ on the 16 January 2012. The show’s panel included Sally Bercow, Anita Dobson and Terry Christian.

Network For Animals writes about us on their website in January 2012

Conservatives Against Fox Hunting in the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and The Guardian on Boxing Day 2011.

BBC Look East   The BBC broadcasts a TV interview with CAFH founder at the Conservative party conference , October 2011.

CAFH founders meets cabinet Ministers with one to one introductions at the Conservative conference October 2011.

Our fringe event at the Conservative party conference October 2011 with Mike Weatherley MP.

Ian Dale and Co website writes a blog about the Blue Fox MPs,  September 2011.

Conservative MEP  writes about us on his website, September 2011.

The League Against Cruel Sports compliments CAFH.

CAFH in the Western Daily Press newspaper again, August 2011.

We were approached to do this radio interview with BBC radio Wales and even better- Caroline Dineage MP spoke instead. We are discussed , August 2011.

The Countryside Alliance writes about us  on their website, August 2011.

ConservativeHome website writes about us on their website for the fourth time in a few months, August 2011.

Anne Widdicombe writes about the Blue Foxes  in the Daily Express, August 17th 2011.

ConservativeHome again covers the Blue Fox MPs August 17th 2011.

CAFH and Blue Fox anti hunting Conservative MPs are featured in the Mail On Sunday August 14th 2011.

The Blue Foxes are written about in the Daily Telegraph on both  August 14th and 15th August.

Blue Fox MPs  featured on ConservativeHome website August 14th 2011.

The co founder of CAFH  meets a long standing anti repeal Tory MP, July 2011.

Conservatives Against Fox Hunting ‘ We Will Rock You’ musical rock evening at the Dominion Theatre in Tottenham Court Road, London on June 30th 2011 attended by anti hunt Conservative MPs , the UK Directors of the RSPCA, IFAW and The League Against Cruel Sports, John Cooper QC and Brian May of Queen and other guests , June 2011.

Brian May of Queen writes how he is close to CAFH,  May 2011.

Conservatives Against Fox Hunting at the House Of Commons Summer Reception by The League Against Cruel Sports,  May 2011.

CAFH  and increasing support for anti hunting Conservative MPs are written about again in The Western Daily Press.

CAFH is written about in the Western Daily Press  April 2011.

In March 2011 CAFH take anti hunting  commercial sheep Farmer into the House Of  Commons to meet an undecided Conservative MPto hear first hand of the disruption an unwanted hunt caused on his land when chasing a fleeing fox in early Februrary 2011. The  pack dogs caused the Farmer’s livestock to be terrified and alarmed and he is worried his preganant ewes will now miscarry. Fences were also  damaged on the Farmer’s land.The ban on hunting with dogs also keeps out unwanted hare coursing on the Farmer’s fields, March 2011.

Andrew Rosindell, Conservative MP and the Secretary for the Associate Parliamentary Group For Animal Welfare places our fox hunting/dog fighting comparison video on his Facebook site after meeting us in Portcullis House in March 2011. This was our second  meeting with Mr Rosindell! March 2011.

Our first video film  compares the’sport’ of dog fighting and the’sport’ of fox hunting. They share the  same principle of training dogs to be aggressive to another animal and attack it as a recreational activity. There is little to distinguish watching dogs attack dogs for a dog fighting sport or dogs attack another  wild animal for  a fox hunting sport. The only difference is the  attire , red jackets or street gear.  They share the same desire to watch an animal being set upon by a dog or dogs. Drag hunting removes the wild animal from the sport and is acceptable and the thrill of the chase is retained.

The Hampshire  Against Hunting Rally at Southampton Solent University on the 20th February is a big success.  It was sponsored by IFAW and the League Against Cruel Sports. Speakers include ourselves, two Labour MPs, a Liberal Democrat Councillor, a Green party candidate and a Conservative Councillor.

Conservative MP Simon Kirby writes about CAFH on his website.

 Seven anti hunting Conservative MPs and Anne Widdicombe add their name to support our February 18th media release for the  sixth anniversary of the Hunting Act February 2011.

Our Boxing Day  media release is supported by  five anti hunting Conservative MPs.

We are featured as number three  of the twelve most important Christmas political stories on Conservative Home site by Tim Montgomery , January 4th 2011.

CAFH  are written about by Tim Montgomerie on ConservativeHome website ,December 16th 2010.

Film from BBC East  Politics show. Our Co Founder is on the BBC East Politics Show, November 2010.

Conservatives Against Fox Hunting and anti repeal Conservative MPs quoted as ‘Heroes of 2011’ ! By Brian May of Queen in the Guardian December 2010.

  Conservatives Against Fox Hunting host their first Westminster event with The League Against Cruel Sports in the House Of commons with six anti repeal Conservative MPs attending the meeting. Brian May, the UK Director of IFAW and the CEO of The League Against Cruel Sports are Speakers , December 2010 .http://www.conservativesagainstfoxhunting.com/2010/12/cafh-and-the-league-against-cruel-sports-host-a-breakfast-briefing-in-parliament-wednesday-8th-october-2010/

The successful Parliamentary breakfast Briefing.

‘Tory MPs may save The Hunting Ban’ . Conservatives Against Fox Hunting in the New Statesman magazine October 2010.

CAFH is a member of The Associate Parliamentary Group For Animal Welfare, October 2010.

CAFH in the Independent, Boxing Day, 2010- ‘Tories Abandon Promise of Early Vote On Hunting,.

Conservatives Against Fox Hunting Boxing Day Media Release, 2010.

Co Founder of CAFH interviewed live on BBC Sussex with the Masters Of the Foxhounds of the Horsham and Crawley Hunt, Christmas Eve, 2010.

Conservative MP Dominic Raab on why he is not convinced about the case for repeal of The Hunting Act.

Nine months into the campaign our co Founder is interviewed for a first radio interview with the Head Of Campaigns of the Countryside Alliance on BBC Kent, November 2010.

Video of Conservatives Against Fox Hunting Fringe Event at the Conservative Conference in Birmingham. Andrew Rosindell MP and Dominic Raab MP are our key Speakers. The CEO of The League Against Cruel Sports and Chris Platt, The Co Founder Of Conservatives Against Fox Hunting and the Association Chairman of Esher and Walton Conservatives chaired the event. IFAW and VoteOK attended. October 2010.

From Conservativehome website, Boxing Day 2010 ;There is also now an organised group within the Conservative Party that opposes foxhunting and, furthermore, wants to keep the ban. Conservatives Against Fox Hunting define their mission on their website.

CAFH in the TelegraphHunting Ban To Remain In Place In 2011.

CAFH in the Guardian  Cameron set to delay free vote on lifting the ban’, 27th December 2010.

CAFH reported on Walesonline.com‘ Vote unlikely this Parliament’.

CAFH in the Western Morning Newspaper.

CAFH mentioned on ‘This Is Somerset’ site.

Co Founder has first newspaper interview 9 months into the campaign with The Independent – ‘Save The bulls, whales, stags, hares and even the foxes’.


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