Blue Foxes in the Telegraph: David Cameron abandons bid to relax hunting ban. March 26th

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By James Kirkup, Political Editor   –   The Daily Telegraph    

David Cameron abandons bid to relax hunting ban

Conservative attempts to relax the legal ban on hunting foxes with dogs are being abandoned, David Cameron says with ‘regret’

1:01PM GMT 26 March



David Cameron has abandoned attempts to relax the ban on fox hunting, after opposition from the Liberal Democrats and some Conservative MPs.

The Prime Minister told MPs that – to his “regret” – the Coalition has been unable to agree on a move that would have allowed farmers to use large packs of dogs to help kill foxes.

Ministers had been considering a bid to allow farmers to use packs of up to 40 dogs to flush foxes from cover where they could be shot. The current law allows only two dogs to be used

The amendment, backed by MPs from all parties, would be the first change in hunting laws since Labour banned hunting with dogs in 2004.

Supporters were increasingly optimistic that the Government would allow a vote on the change, not least since Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, is said to be sympathetic.

But during Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Cameron said that, despite Conservative backing, the Coalition is unlikely to push ahead with the change.

“I regret to say I don’t think there will be government agreement to go forward,” the Prime Minister said.

Mr Cameron indicated that his Lib Dem Coalition partners had refused to support the change in hunting rules.

It is also understood that a number of Conservative MPs, known as the Blue Foxes, were also arguing against any change in hunting laws.

Many of those Tories are in marginal seats and worry that being seen to focus on issues like hunting could drive away wavering suburban voters.

We have some good news!

As you may have seen, our Blue Fox campaign against any amendment to relax The Hunting Act 2004 has been featured in the Western Daily Press, Sunday Express,The Observer and the Telegraph newspapers in the last two weeks.

It has also been featured on the ConservativeHome, PoliticsHome and Bloomberg websites in the last few days.

We work closely with our six Blue Fox Conservative MP Patrons and anti hunting Conservative MPs in Westminster to protect the ban on hunting with dogs.
On Wednesday 26th March 2014, In Prime Ministers Questions, David Cameron confirmed that he “regrets” that he is unlikely to get Government agreement to take forward a proposal to amend the Hunting Act.

Conservatives Against Fox Hunting are pleased that there will now be no amendment to weaken the hunting ban but warn that the campaign to keep hunting banned continues as Downing Street has announced that a free vote will be offered before the Election.
Urge your MP to support the ban on hunting with dogs to protect wildlife.

Our message is’ Don’t Run With The Pack’.

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