Minister Esther McVey is presented with the Blue Fox pin at the Conservative Party Conference 2014

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Photo of Minister Esther McVey and Co Founder of  Blue Fox, September 2014

We were delighted to present our hand enamelled Blue Fox pin to Minister of State for Employment Esther McVey at the Conservative Party conference recently.

Esther has supported our campaign against hunting with dogs since our launch in 2010.

We also presented Esther with the Blue Hare pin for her kind support for our sister campaign to introduce a close season for nursing hares. Esther attended our hare protection reception in Parliament in 2012,  which was well attended by cross party MPs and  Bill Oddie.

You can read more about Blue Fox MPs on the below link which also includes Esther McVey in the Daily Mail article here:

Blue Fox Co Founder Interview with BBC Points East  in response to Environment Minister Elizabeth Truss on her support for repeal of the hunt ban.

After our talk with Esther, our Co Founder Lorraine Platt had a TV interview with the BBC Points East on our response to Environment Minister Elizabeth Truss and the hunt ban.

We stated our disappointment at the Environment Minister’s declaration in the Sunday Express a couple of days earlier, that she would like to see the hunt ban repealed.

We also pointed out that Elizabeth Truss is out of touch with the majority opinion on this issue. A December 2013 Ipsos MORI poll for the League Against Cruel Sports showed that 80% of the public want to see the ban remain in place.

A majority of the British public are in favour of keeping a number of activities banned in the Hunting Act illegal: fox hunting (80%); deer hunting (85%); hare hunting and coursing (87%); dog fighting (98%); and badger baiting (92%).

The interview with Blue Fox (Conservatives Against Fox Hunting) was broadcast on BBC News on September 30th, 2014









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