The Telegraph, Independent, Sunday Express, Western Daily Press, BBC Radio Kent & Western Morning News report on Blue Fox campaign on Boxing Day

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We were pleased to see our press release calling for any pledges to undermine the hunt ban to be excluded from the new Tory manifesto reported in several national newspapers and BBC Radio on Boxing Day.

Boxing Day is one of the main days in the hunting calendar.

The ban was introduced ten years ago and long may it continue, to protect our wildlife from hunting with dogs


Blue Fox in the press on Boxing Day:

‘Anti-hunt Tories fear David Cameron will make manifesto pledge to weaken Hunting Act ‘Blue Fox in  The Independent  Hunting Act must stay, Conservatives tell David Cameron ahead of general election manifesto

Blue Fox warns that the repeal issue is toxic to the perception of the @Conservatives party in the Telegraph


‘Resist pressure to repeal hunting ban’ says Conservative group | Western Morning News

Tracey Crouch respresented Blue Fox on BBC Radio Kent on Boxing Day against the East Kent Hunt Top-Tories-warned-that-attempt-to-repeal-the-hunting-ban-is-toxic Top Tories warned against repeal




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