Thank you to Blue Fox MPs who 'Don't Run With The Pack'

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fox profile body pale blue-1 xmas card 2.jpg dont run with the packThank you to Blue Fox MPs who’ Don’t Run With The Pack’

As Parliament officially ends at the end of March, Conservatives Against Fox Hunting have successfully achieved their aim to see the Hunting Act 2004 remain in place under the Coalition Government despite the constant threat of repeal.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Conservative anti-hunting MPs who have made this objective possible and have protected the Hunting Act 2004 from repeal for the last five years. These MPs came together and under their group identity of ‘Blue Fox’  have prevented hunting with dogs and hare coursing from being returned in the current session.

Undeterred by strong support for the repeal of the ban from Conservative Environment Ministers ,85% of Conservative MPs and even several announcements by a sympathetic Prime Minister, anti-hunting Conservative MPs have stood firm and given out a clear consistent message against repeal.

They have generously given their time to support and speak at our anti-hunting Parliamentary events, have signed our many media releases to protect the ban and have spoken out on TV interviews, live radio and in national newspapers. They have retweeted our messages to protect the ban, have posted their support on their websites and have represented the majority public opinion against a return of illegal sports.

We have the highest respect for our Blue Fox Patrons Sir Roger Gale, Sir David Amess, Caroline Dinenage, Tracey Crouch, Mike Weatherley and Dominic Raab. This deep thanks also extends to Sir John Randall, Henry Smith, Stuart Andrew, and Simon Kirby who have been steadfast in their support to keep the hunt ban in place and to all the anti-hunting Conservative MPs we have worked with for the last five years

We are very grateful to Sir Roger and Lady Suzy Gale, the President and Chairman of Conservative Animal Welfare who we have worked closely with for their kind support and for our joint statements together.Our campaign is powered by people. The support and committed energy of the numbers of our volunteers, Association Chairmen, Conservative Councillors, Conservative Women’s Organisation members and the Conservative Women’s Hub has been exceptional.

The public look to future politicians to defend vulnerable wildlife from a return of cruel sports and we admire the anti-hunting Conservative MPs and Prospective Candidates who have had the courage of their convictions and have not remained quiet and turned away resigned to inaction when it would have been much easier for them to do.

The Conservative anti-hunting MPs gave a voice to our voiceless wildlife against a return of illegal sports and we salute them for this.



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