Votes For Animals. Ask candidates for their views on animal welfare

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lorraine platt blue fox conservatives against fox hunting lush hustingsOn April 23rd the Co Founders of Blue Fox- Conservatives Against Fox Hunting attended the Lush hustings and the launch of the two week campaign called Votes for Animals at the new Lush shop in Oxford Street. The Votes For Animals campaign partners are Lush, the League Against Cruel Sports, Common Decency – led by Brian May and Animal Aid.

Lush are passionate about animal welfare (and have been very supportive of the Blue Fox campaign against hunting with dogs and have a Charity Pot with the Blue Fox campaign details on the lid  ) Lush will hold hustings with candidates in their stores over the next two weeks to highlight the Votes For Animals campaign and asking their customers to think about animal welfare and the General Election.

Before the hustings took place in Oxford Street, people dressed in Edwardian costumes and wearing animal masks such as foxes, badgers , pigs and more, marched to Parliament.The campaign reminds us of the Suffragette movement of the early 20th century to show that it is time that animals had a voice. Of course, animals do not have a voice of their own but we have a voice and a choice to speak out for them. It is important to ask candidates for their views on animal welfare and to support animal welfare. Brian May, Peter Egan and TV Vet marc Abrahams gave speeches at the event.

The political hustings event was chaired by Peter Egan and featured key animal welfare spokespeople from the political parties- Barry Gardiner, Labour candidate for Brent North and spokesperson for the environment and animal welfare; Baroness Kate Parminter, Lib Dem spokesperson on Defra and animal welfare issues; Caroline Allen, Green Party spokesperson on animal welfare; and Councillor Tom Bursnall, UKIP animal welfare spokesperson.

The Conservative Party were unable to send a spokesperson, so the Co Founder Lorraine Platt, of Blue Fox,Blue Badger and Blue Hare Campaigns stepped up to the platform to speak about animal welfare concerns held by many Conservative supporters. The message was clear that most Conservative MPs support the repeal of the Hunting Act and Conservative supporters must show the Conservative Party leadership that they are not representing the will of the majority of people. It is vital for the public to remind candidates to support the hunting ban

Barry Gardiner of the Labour Party stressed that Labour had brought in the Hunting Act and would protect it as well as stop the badger cull in its tracks. He further talked about the Labour Party’s record on animal welfare and the Party’s support to take on board the League Against Cruel Sports greyhound racing manifesto.

 Baroness Kate Parminter of the Libdems spoke about how the Libdems had no desire to repeal the Hunting Act and had worked to protect it from repeal.

Caroline Allen of the Green Party spoke about Green pledges,the need to advance animal welfare and of her Party’s support to ban snares.

Tom Bursnall of UKIP said “UKIP has no aspirations or aims to repeal the hunting ban.” Tom also spoke on UKIP’s plans to end cruel live animal transports.

Finally the CEO of the League Against Cruel Sports speech ended on the important note that ‘being compassionate for animals enhances human nature’.

Find out where your election candidates stand on key animal welfare issues on the League Against Cruel Sports website

Look at Votes For Animals on the Lush website:

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