Blue Fox- Conservatives Against Fox Hunting MP Patrons speak out against repeal. May & June 2015

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its not ok to set dogs onto foxes blue fox conservatives againstBlue Fox- Conservatives Against Fox Hunting MP Patrons have featured several times in the press speaking against repeal in the week following the Queens Speech.

The Free Vote on repeal was not included in the Queens Speech but we believe that a vote to repeal the hunting ban will still be offered .

We urge the public to email their MPs and ask them to support the ban on hunting hares, stags, mink and foxes with dogs. It is is very important to send a couple of sentences asking MPsto vote against the repeal of the Hunting Act 2004.

We are pleased that there is an increasing number of Conservative MPs who are against repeal but the majority of Conservative MPs do support the repeal of the ban.

We are delighted that three of our MP Patrons are Ministers, including the Minister For Sport, Tracey Crouch MP and we have two Knights of the Realm as Patrons- Sir Roger Gale MP, the President of Conservative Animal Welfare and Sir David Amess MP.

Our MP Patrons have been vocal in speaking out against repeal since the General Election.

Sir David Amess spoke against fox hunting in his first speech back in the Queens Speech debates.

Sir Roger Gale was interviewed on BBC5 Live and spoke of his support for the ban on fox hunting. He also issued two statements against repeal which have been shared widely on social media.

Minister for Sport Tracey Crouch’s comments against fox hunting were reported in the Independent newspaper.

‘I just don’t believe in hunting, I don’t enjoy the sight of one animal tearing another animal to pieces,” she said.

The new intake of Conservative MPs were “younger [and] more diverse in their background and many are from urban areas”, she said. “Many of them share my views.”

Minister For Justice, Dominic Raab spoke against repeal in the local press: ‘ This is a difficult issue that raises strong feelings on all sides,” he said.

“I have to say I can’t see the case for repealing the Hunting Act. There are parts, like hunting deer with dogs, that I just feel are wrong in principle. With respect to fox hunting, I see that farmers need to protect their livestock from attack, but hunting foxes with dogs is not the most humane way to do that.”

Simon Kirby MP who is actively vocal against fox hunting posted on his Facebook site of his support for Blue Fox and his strong stance against repeal.



Conservative MPs speaking out against repeal include:

John Redwood MP tweeted that he vote against repealing the Act on twitter. ‘ I do not favour cruelty to animals and would vote against repealing the Act.’

Jake Berry MP also tweeted that he is against fox hunting in response to a constituent on twitter.

West Country MPs Dr  Sarah Wollaston and  Kevin Foster featured in the media for their support for the hunting ban.

Some media links on Blue Fox (we have never said that we only had ’10 or 12′ anti hunting MPs under the Coalition Govt as reported in the articles below. There were always over 25 Anti hunt Tory MPs )

New Tory MPs see hunting repeal as ‘toxic’ issue that damages party – claim | Western Daily Press

Blue Fox Co Founder speaks against repeal on the BBC Politics Show West video 31st May. Includes Liz Truss and Rebecca Pow MP Forward to 46.00 on slider

Daily Mail, 24th May 2015 ‘Cameron will LOSE vote to bring back fox hunting because a ‘substantial number of Conservatives are against it’




















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